Ladygrove Primary School


At Ladygrove Primary our behaviour policy is underpinned by our school SMART code. This code was drawn up after consultation with staff and children. It is displayed around school and acts as a reminder of what is expected by children (and adults) at all times of the school day.

Speak politely and listen carefully
Make school enjoyable for everyone
Act safely and sensibly
Respect and care for each other & the environment
Try your best at all times!


Stars of the Week:

Every Friday good effort and behaviour is school is recognised in our ’Star of the Week’ assembly. Each class has a star chosen who has excelled. They are presented with a certificate and a sticker and their names are put on the school newsletter as recognition of their hard work and effort. Their names are also entered into the school ‘Star of the Week book' which is displayed in school reception.


Learner of the Week:

Every week each class nominates a person who has displayed effective characteristics of learning

all week. These children are presented with a Learner of the Week certificate and sticker. There names are entered into the 'Learner of the Week Book'.


Brilliant Behaviour Awards:

We reward ‘Brilliant Behaviour’ in our weekly celebration assembly by giving out certificates. Children
can be chosen by any member of the school staff to pupils who have seen children displaying good
behaviour over the week.


STAR Reader Award:

Every week a pupil from each class is awarded with a star reader certificate. These pupils are chosen for their passion for reading both at 
home and school.


Maths Award:

Each ​week the pupil who has excelled in maths in each class has their effort and achievemnt praised. They are given a certificte and a sticker.


House Points:

We have four house teams in school.

These are; 'Charles Darwin representing science', 'Mickey Bushell representing sport', 'Sarah Griffiths representing mental health' and 'Eglantyne Jebb representing kindness and empathy'. Each week the children earn house points for good work and behaviour. They are added to each house's total points. The House Team Captain's collect the team's weekly points and reveal the winning team in assembly. The House team with the most points at the end of the term win a 'House Mufti-day'.

You can view the school behaviour policy on our School Policies page.