Ladygrove Primary School

Curriculum Policies

Please click on one of the policies below to view its contents. All policies are in PDF format.

If you require a paper copy of any information from the school's website, please contact the school office.


Filename Size Date
Ladygrove Addition Policy.pdf 1.8MB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Art Policy.pdf 342.2KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Collective Worship Policy.pdf 119.5KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Design and Technology Policy.pdf 635.3KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Division Policy.pdf 1.8MB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Early Years Policy.pdf 256.1KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove English Policy.pdf 241.9KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove EYFS Calculation Policy.pdf 569.2KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Homework Policy - 2017.pdf 146.3KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Maths Policy Statement.pdf 384.0KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Multiplication Policy.pdf 1.4MB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove PE Policy.pdf 262.3KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Policy Statement - Calculation.pdf 69.3KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Policy Statement - Maths.pdf 66.9KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Religious Education Policy.pdf 664.3KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove Subtraction Policy.pdf 1.7MB 05/11/2019
Teaching and Learning Policy - Jan 2018.pdf 373.7KB 05/11/2019
Ladygrove RSE policy and scheme of work.pdf 513.9KB 05/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Addition KS1.pdf 307.5KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Addition KS2.pdf 217.4KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Appendix 1a.pdf 420.0KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Calculation policy 2019.pdf 1.4MB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Division KS1 Summer 2019.pdf 258.5KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Division KS2 Summer 19.pdf 251.5KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - EYFS Calculation Summer 2019.pdf 462.4KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Maths inventory.pdf 67.8KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Multiplication KS1 Summer 2019.pdf 254.8KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Multiplication KS2 Summer 2019.pdf 263.4KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Subtraction KS1 Summer 19.pdf 328.9KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - Subtraction KS2 Summer 19.pdf 293.7KB 19/11/2019
Calculation Policy - The tests of divisibility.pdf 97.0KB 19/11/2019
PSHE policy.pdf 474.3KB 05/02/2020