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This week, we have started our exciting Potions topic.  Children have been learning all about instruction writing, through creating their own magical and amazing potions.  We braved the cold weather and went out foraging for suitable 'ingredients' for our magical potions.  Children then wrote their recipes using all the features of instruction writing that we have covered this week.  Class 9 have proved yet again what fantastic imaginations they have - we have had recipes for all sorts of magical potions - including flying, invisibility and potions that make people happy when they drink them!


Welcome to Class 9!

Our values are: being kind, respectful to our selves and each other, looking after our classroom and resources and working together as a team. 

We use Building Learning Power at every opportunity, to become:  resilient, resourceful, reflective and reciprocal learners.


Hot off the press...

Our Autumn 2 topic is... Potions.

We will be immersing ourselves in the mysterious, amazing and magical world of medicines, potions and herbal brews!

History and Reading will be at the heart of our topic work and they will inspire our writing, scientific investigations, historical enquiry skills and artistic skills.

In Whole Class Reading, we will be following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole alongside Alice.  We will learn about mysterious potions, write our own safety labels and instructions for our own concoctions. 

In History, we will develop our knowledge, historical enquiry and chronological skills through exploring the history of medicine, potions and herbal remedies.  We will learn about famous doctors who have contributed to medical marvels such as anaesthesia and local literary figure Ellis Peters whose inspiration -  for her medieval medical and herbalist monk, Brother Cadfael stories - came from her days spent working as a chemist's assistant in Dawley during the 1930s.

In Science, we’ll sort everyday items into solids, liquids and gases. Using our investigation skills we’ll explore capacity and the properties of liquids. We’ll also design fabulous bottles for magical potions. Becoming super scientists, we’ll investigate chemical reactions and states of matter.

We’ll write spells with magical, strange or gruesome effects – what ingredients will we use? It will be great fun to make chocolate hearts and bath bombs! We’ll also create canvas art on a large scale! At the end of the ILP, we’ll even make delicious potion treats for you to taste!

How can you help?

Help your child prepare for their project ‘Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.’ Why not hunt around the house to track down a wide variety of items and sort them into solids, liquids and gases? You could also sketch interesting bottles or containers that you have at home. Alternatively, you could try baking something new together, thinking about how the ingredients change when you mix and cook them.


We are always here if you have any concerns or questions and would like to thank you for your support.



Today for D&T, children in Class 9 made their own Stone Age inspired jewellery.  Children designed their piece and made them using salt dough and lots of imagination :)  We hope to display these in school and at a sharing afternoon later in the term.  24.10.19

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Your child's class teacher is Miss Dodds, who is assisted by Miss Parsons.


Topic Overview

During Autumn 1, Year 4 have travelled back in time to the Stone Age. We have been learning the skills of an historian by developing historical enquiry skills. Children have been learning about primary and secondary evidence and using these to develop ideas about life during the Stone Age. Children have learned about the importance of placing events in chronological order, as well as learning all sorts of interesting facts about Stone Age people’s daily lives. In class, we have studied Cave Art and had a go at creating our own drawings. Even our Whole Class reading has been Stone Age inspired! Children have thoroughly enjoyed reading Stig of the Dump together, which has also inspired our writing.

Class 9 have also been on a Stone Age themed Wrekin Forest School trip. Children had a go at crafted their own Stone Age weapons, they baked Stone Age bocks and built shelters by using willow weaving techniques – and generally had an amazing time exploring the outdoors.

Next term our topic is Potions, when children will become immersed in the world of Poisonous potions, aromatic brews, vapour or a sticky goo… more details to follow on our Autumn 2 newsletter.