Ladygrove Primary School

Welcome to Reception 1

Miss Jewell and Mrs Nolan

Fairy Tales

This half term, we’ll play imaginatively with a model castle and small world characters. We’ll look at different character types, and decide whether our favourite characters are ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’! Using different materials and shapes, we’ll build castles and bridges. We’ll read lots of stories and look at the ingredients that go into a fantastic fairy tale. We’ll be brave explorers and hunt for missing items from fairy tales. Reading The Elves and the Shoemaker will encourage us to be busy elves and decorate shoes in our workshop. Contemporary versions of fairy tales will inspire us to write stories, and we’ll create story maps to retell familiar tales. Our mathematical skills will help us to count the buttons on gingerbread men, and estimate how many beans Jack has got! After reading The Enormous Turnip, we’ll plant seeds and learn how to care for them. We’ll also test the right materials to make a bed for a princess, and houses for the Three Little Pigs.

The ‘CHAT’ book is a form of dialogue between school and home. Each week I will add a short description of the following week’s theme and activities. I will write comments, add photos and share with you your child’s progress. I would love for you and your child to add notes, photos, drawings etc.

The book will be collected in each Thursday so I can read any comments, add my own, and stick in photos and next week’s blurb.  I will return the book to your child each Friday.


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Every other Monday morning we will be visiting our wooded area - 'The Spinney' - to do some outdoor learning and exploring! This is a lovely opportunity for children to get hands-on with nature. 
Please ensure that children have wellies and suitable outdoor clothing on this day. 

We allow staff time off to undertake union official duties, however we do not have any staff who are currently union officials.