Ladygrove Primary School

Welcome to Class 10!

Welcome to Year 5! 

As a new class to the school we have welcomed many new faces as well as familiar ones, including our new teacher Mr Trusler and teaching assistant Miss Penny.

This half term, we are travelling back in time to the 1500's to meet the terrifying Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our History!

We will discover an opulent court where dancing and singing went hand in hand with swift falls from favour - and even swifter falling of heads!

We will be flexing our detective muscles and will become criminal investigators by taking part in one of the most famous trials of history as we collect evidence to decide whether Anne Boleyn was innocent or guilty!

In Science we are investigating "Living Things and Their Habitats," exploring the different classifications of animals and plants, learning about vertebrates and invertebrates and what they need to live.

This half term we go swimming every Tuesday with PE every Wednesday. However, the days for PE could vary so we ask that all children have their PE kits in school from Monday and take them home after they have had their PE lesson.

Homework is set weekly every Friday along with a spelling list to learn over the following week. We ask that this is completed before the following Friday. Homework may be set on Purple Mash as "2Dos" or independent research tasks. Each pupil has been given their own log in and can log in to complete any 2Dos as well as driving their own learning through a variety of interactive resources and games available. Children will be tested on their spelling words in school at least twice a week.

Children can earn "Golden Time" every Friday by reading at least 3 times each week and getting a parent/guardian to sign their Reading Diaries to show this. Progress with reading and homework will be checked on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by Miss Penny.

In Year 6, we have many responsibilities and we are excellent role models to the younger children. Several members of our class are on our School Safeguarding team where we have regular meetings with Mrs Weichlbauer to discuss our school environment as well as our health, safety and well-being. 

We also offer a helping hand on the playground. Many children from our class are Playground Buddies- we help to ensure that playtimes are fun for all, providing active playtimes with a range of games and activities. 

In Year 6, our P.E days are usually a Wednesday and Friday- these days do change sometimes so we are asked to ensure that our P.E kits come to school on Monday and are taken home on a Friday. 



Learning is engaging in Year 6 and we are encouraged by Miss Evans to draw upon our school's learning styles when we are in our classroom. We often aim to be resilient where possible along with adopting a resourceful outcome to positively influence the outcomes of our learning. 

Every half term, Miss Evans introduces a different topic in which our learning is catered around. Our learning is therefore cross-curricular where possible and are able to make links across all of our subjects where possible. We also have a new Whole Class Reading text each term which we share together and is often linked to our topic. 


Every week, Miss Evans sets us homework either linked to our topic or relating to the learning we have applied that week. Homework is recorded on a Friday in our homework books and is due in on a Thursday morning. As we are approaching SATs, Miss Evans now sets us homework in our revision books and we revisit this together on a Friday afternoon. 

We are also set spellings which are either topic related or are misspelt words that Miss Evans has noticed during the week. We take these home to revise for the week (usually using a look, cover, write, check method) or we make 'Spelling Squiggles' for those of us who are creative! Spellings are then tested on a Friday morning. 

At the heart of our learning is Reading. In our class, we are asked to read at least 3 times a week and write a brief summary in our Reading Records to summarize the main events of the pages/chapters that we have read. Our Reading Records are very important to us and show our reading journeys across the year.