Entering and exiting the school site:

Only one parent is permitted to drop their children off at school/collect, this is so we can reduce numbers of people on the school site. 

We have an established one-way system that has been successfully operating since June. Parents are required to enter school via the main blue gates on the playground. Wait outside the class bases adhere to social distancing and continuing forward around the school building. 

Children in class bases:8,9 and 10  are dropped off at the back doors of the classrooms and then parents exit the school site following the one way system, which means you exit by the green gate (this will be well sign posted and staff will be there to help) 

Children in class base 11 and 12 : will enter and exit via the fire door at the top of the corridor. 

Children in class bases:4,5 and 6, will enter and exit via the corridor doors on the lower playground. Ladygrove Primary School and Nursery Old Office Road Dawley Telford Shropshire TF4 2LF Tel: 01952 388370 Email: A2168@taw.org.uk Website:http://ladygroveprimary.co.uk 

Children in class base 7: will enter and exit via the classroom door by the Muga. 

Children in classes 1,2 and 3 will enter and exit by the classroom doors in the new build area. 

Children in Reception 1 and Reception 2 class bases will enter and exit by their classroom doors in the new build area. 

Nursery will enter by the nursery door, one-way system to be used. If collecting at 11.30 a.m. you are able go straight to the nursery doors. Collecting at 2.30 p.m. please use the one-way system.

School Lunches

Please see below for the lunch menus for March 2021.

We will be starting with Week 1 on the 8th March.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Start and finish times for March


Year Group

Start Time

Finish Time

Nursery 8:30 am 11:30 am or 2:30pm or 3:15pm
Reception 8:30 am 2:45 pm
Year 1 8:40 am 2:55 pm
Year 2 8:40 am 2:55 pm
Year 3 8:50 am 3:05 pm
Year 4 8:50 am 3:05 pm
Year 5 9:00 am 3:15 pm
Year 6 9:00 am 3:15 pm