Ladygrove Primary School & Nursery

Welcome to Ladygrove Primary School. The staff are a friendly team who enjoy helping and supporting the children in their care. Please click below to see the different staff names and their roles.

Mrs Joanne Weichlbauer: Headteacher

Ms Emily Guess: Deputy Headteacher, Maths Coordinator

Mrs Allison Skelton: SENCO and Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Emma Barrow: EYFS Leader, Science Coordinator and Reception Teacher

Miss Charlotte Evans: English Coordinator and Year 6 Teacher

Ms Ruth Morgan: Nursery Teacher

Miss Jemma Jewell: Reception Teacher

Miss Cara Thomas: Year 1 Teacher

Miss Beth Harris: Year 1 Teacher

Miss Victoria Tamplin: Year 2 Teacher

Miss Emily Clarke: Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Laura Cook: Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss Deborah Dodds: Year 4 Teacher

Mr Max Trusler: Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Charlie Bilton: Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs Andrea Nelson

Mrs Angie Atkinson: Inclusion and Wellbeing Manager

Ms Gemma Dunn

Miss Tori Green

Mrs Diane Hampton

Miss Jen Parsons

Mrs Julie Nolan

Miss Kerry Piper

Miss Jen Parsons

Mrs Katie Thomas

Mrs Louise Williams

Mrs Diane Hampton

Miss Abbie Burns

Miss Kathy Penny

Mrs Sharon Morgan (Pastoral Support)

Mrs Sharon Clayton

Miss Chloe Ashton

Miss Tina Henderson

Miss Jessie Hassall (Cover Supervisor)

Miss Hannah Mayle-Miller

Miss Linda Reynolds

Miss Leah Castree

Mrs Zoe Walters (Cover Supervisor)

Mrs Rita Pennant

Mrs Emma Haggart

Mrs Liz Neat

Mrs Julie Nolan (Supervisor)

Ms Gemma Dunn

Mrs Tracey Jones

Miss Tina Henderson

Miss Kathy Penny

Mrs Zoe Walters

Miss Kathy Penny (Supervisor)

Mrs Sharon Morgan (Assistant)

Mrs Diane Hampton (Assistant)

Mrs Sharon Smith (Assistant)


Mrs Sharon Morgan (Senior)

Miss Hayley Darrell

Mrs Sharon Smith

Mrs Jenny Kinsell

Miss Kerry Piper

Miss Kathy Penny

Mrs Julie Nolan

Miss Tina Henderson

Miss Linda Reynolds

Miss Laura Evans

Miss Grace Lamsdale

Miss Gemma Parry

Mrs Samantha Tattersall

Mrs Selina Mahy - School Business Manager

Mrs Louise Riddell - School Administrator

Miss Laura Barton - School Administrator

Mrs Joanne Weichlbauer

Mrs Sarah Williams

Revd Ian Olliver

Mr Ben Maguire

Mr Steve Barnes

Mrs Zena Johnson-Taylor

Mrs Chris Brettel

Miss Emily Guess

Miss Jessica Johnson

Mrs Selina Mahy

Mr Keven Hutchings: Caretaker

Mr Steve Lawton: Gardener