Ladygrove Primary School & Nursery

Virtual Sports Week

We hope you have lots of fun joining in with our virtual sports week at home and at school.

Please click here for a timetable for the week.


See below for the teacher challenge videos and for all your wonderful photographs.

Opening Speech


Blindfold Balance

Can you beat Miss Harris' time?

38.39 Seconds



Not Quite an Egg and Spoon Race

Can you beat Mr Trusler?

6 Laps


Throw and Clap

Can you beat Mr Trusler?

3 Claps


Book Balance

Can you beat Miss Evans' time?

1 minute 45 seconds


One Minute Challenge

Can you beat Miss Clark's score?

60 Star Jumps

Children's Photos

Thank you for all the photographs you have sent in of the children taking part in our Virtual Sports Week. As there were too many to upload, and it was too hard to select a few they have been put together into this video. We hope you enjoy looking at all the wonderful pictures and hopefully you can spot yours.