Ms R Morgan

RE Coordinator and Nursery Teacher

Mrs Emma Haggart

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss D Jones

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Neat

Nursery Teaching Assistant


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Muddy Monday

We will be going to be visiting the wooded area on a Monday this half term.

Please can you bring your child into Nursery in a set of old clothes and shoes they wear for Nursery. We will change children into their wellies before we go. If your child is wearing waterproofs over their clothes, please name these and hang them on your child’s peg. Please also hang the clothes your child will be changed back into on their peg in a carrier bag. We will put the muddy clothes back into the carrier bag for your child to take home.

Children will be able to jump in muddy puddles and may get dirty, so please send them in with an old coat!

We hope the children will have as much fun as the adults :)

Our Learning This Term

Building Sites

This half term, we’ll visit a local building site to see buildings in different stages of construction. Back in the classroom, we’ll handle different building materials, and we’ll build structures out of wet sand, construction kits and blocks. Who can build the tallest tower? We’ll also retell the story of The Three Little Pigs, practise hammering different surfaces and make mini mud bricks. In our English lessons, we’ll take a walk down a local street, describing what we see, and we’ll write about our homes. Using our maths skills, we’ll count houses and put them in the right order, and we’ll estimate how many cubes are in different towers. Working together, we’ll build a shelter big enough for us all to sit in, a bridge we can use to cross a given space and a street of colourful houses made from different containers. We’ll also work outdoors on our own ‘construction site’, building imaginative structures out of a range of materials.