Team Safeguarding

Meet Team Safeguard

We are a Team of pupils from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. We are passionate about ‘Safeguarding’ and take an active role in delivering key safeguarding messages to the school through assemblies.  We take ‘Bullying’ very seriously and use the acronym STOP – Several Times On Purpose.  We also take part in lunch-time duties, where we are on hand to support children if they need a friend, or want to talk to someone.

Year 4 
Year 5
Year 6

September 2023

Team Safeguarding met the Active Travel Team from Telford and Wrekin Council for their first planning session in their role as Junior Road Safety Officers.

October 2023 

We created a child friendly poster of our school DSLs. These will be displayed around school.

Our Voice:

‘Team Safeguarding are here to make everyone feel safe at school.’

‘We want everyone to build happy friendships.’

‘I like the responsibility of keeping children safe on the playground.’

‘We learnt about road safety and we want others to also stop, look, listen and think.’

Team Safeguarding will be monitoring breaktime snacks. 

November 2023 

Team Safeguarding are working on making the lunch hall an enjoyable place to eat for everyone. 

Anti-Bullying Week 2023


What is Odd Socks Day?
Odd Socks Day marks the start of Anti-Bullying Week to celebrate what makes us all unique and spread kindness!



Odd Socks Day 2023

The children looked fab in their odd socks to start our Anti-Bullying Week. 🧦 We are all unique and together we will unite against bullying. 🙌

Be Bright Be Seen

Children in year 4 have been designing posters to encourage us to travel safety on the roads during these darker evenings. It is important to wear bright colours so we can be seen. Team Safe presented the winners with road safety goodie bags.

Travel Telford Newsletter Issue 1: A New School Journey – Ladygrove Newsletter


January 2024

Child friendly behaviour pathway.

March 2024

The children have been working hard to create NSPCC posters linked to this week’s work on Speak Out Stay Safe. We will be displaying these around school.

Travel Telford Newsletter Issue 2: Travel Telford A new school journey newsletter April 24