Year 5 Ancient Greek Workshop

September 13, 2022 all-day

18th July 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


In the autumn term, your child is learning about the Ancient Greeks as part of their history topic work. In order to bring the learning alive for the children, we have arranged a visit from ‘Portals to the Past’ to deliver an Ancient Greek Workshop in school on Tuesday 13th September 2022.


This experience will provide children with a real insight into Ancient Greek life and times.  They will explore Greek democracy, learn about Alexander the Great, ancient Greek myths, legends and beliefs, investigate artefacts and take part in fun learning activities, such as solving Greek Archimedes puzzles. This should prove to be a very enjoyable day for us all.  The day will enable children to develop a deeper understanding of the time of the Ancient Greeks, in order to draw well-considered comparisons with the lasting impact this civilisation has had on modern life.


If your child wishes to, they can come dressed as an Ancient Greek for the day to really experience the day to its fullest.  We will be talking to the children about what kind of costumes they could wear.


We would be grateful if you could give your consent for your child to take part in the Roman Workshop by using your scopay account.  Please tick the consent box and make a voluntary contribution of £8.40 for this workshop by Tuesday 6th September.


Contributions are voluntary, but we must point out that without sufficient support such workshops cannot take place. We are sure you agree that the children’s education benefits greatly from such workshops.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Dodds and Miss Beeching


Year 5 Teachers