Trips & Visits

Everyone knows going on a school trip is one of the most exciting things we can do as a class! It provides children with opportunities for learning and can spark children’s interests in topics and develop their knowledge.

Here at Ladygrove, we are very proud to offer our children a wonderful range of experiences, which we hope will make for great memories of their Ladygrove learning journey.  Here are some of the trips and experiences your child will experience:

• Reception: Christmas Experience visit to Edgmond Hall
• Year 1: Visit to a zoo
• Year 2: Visit to Dudley Castle and the beach
• Year 3: Visit to Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, Ironbridge and a Roman Experience workshop in school
• Year 4: Birmingham Museum, Think-Tank!
• Year 5: Visit to The Space Centre
• Year 6: Visit from the Animal Man


Residential – Overnight stays

We also take children on a variety of residential visits. We see these visits as a way to develop children’s independence and resilience.

• In Year 6 we visit Arthog Residential Centre, where children are given the opportunity to learn skills such as rock climbing, surfing, orienteering and working as a team. It is one of the most important trips at the end of the school year which creates so many long-lasting memories.

• In Year 4, we plan for this year group to have a weekend residential at Shrewsbury PGL, to support and encourage independence.

Enrichment and Entitlement at Ladygrove 

Reception Entitlement and Enrichment
Year 1 Entitlement and Enrichment
Year 2 Entitlement and Enrichment
Year 3 Entitlement and Enrichment
Year 4 Entitlement and Enrichment
Year 5 Entitlement and Enrichment
Year 6 Entitlement and Enrichment

Whole school


Dudley Castle and Zoo October 2023 Year 2


Cinema November 2023 Year 2


Dawley High Street January 2024 Year 2

Cadburys World April 2024 Year 6



PGL April 2024 Year 4

Parent Feedback:

Just a quick one to say thank you to you and the other members of staff for making PGL such an amazing experience for all, especially X. I am grateful to you all for giving up your evening to go on the trip and ensuring they had the best time! You’ve created memories X will never forget, he’s honestly had such a great time! 



Arthog September 2023 Year 6


Bikeability May 2024 Year 3/4


Parent voice

My child has the opportunity to experience a range of enrichment activities (e.g. school trips, walks around the local area, visitors into school such as sporting personalities and authors.)

+Great trips.

+X is very excited for her overnight trip.

+Lots of trips available.

+These trips are very beneficial.

+X has taken part in Wagamamas school trip, Arthog and Snap Trap and it is only November!

+Arthog, Rainforest visit.

+We both enjoy the opportunities provided by the school.

+Fantastic choice of groups and trips which she has loved.

+Trips, experiences and workshops are frequent and enjoyable.