Ofsted & Results

We are very proud of our school, staff, pupils and their achievements. Below you can read statistical information and official reports relating to our school.


Ofsted make regular inspections of schools, the reports they compile can be found on our page of their website below:
Ofsted: Ladygrove Primary School Ofsted Reports

School Performance Tables

The Department for Education publishes a wide range of data about our school. Information on test data, children’s progress, our intake and a range of other figures.
Ladygrove Primary School Performance Tables

School Results

You can read our school results for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in the yearly documents below:

Ladygrove Primary School Data Summary 2019

Ladygrove Primary School Data Summary 2022

2023 Data


Parent Questionnaires

Autumn term 2023:

Autumn Term Parent Survey 2023 Results

As a result of this feedback, we have:

-Made communication a priority

-Implemented a website template for class pages to support consistency

-Decided to move parent meetings to the first half-term in autumn next year to support parents in getting feedback earlier in the year

-Rescheduled assessment weeks and how we feedback results in the future

-Planned in Welcome Wednesday dates for a chance to see your child’s work and talk to their teacher

-Made it easier for parents to access logins for their children

-Introduced clubs for reception children

Parent Voice – Autumn term 2023:

Very supportive and staff that are clearly passionate about the children.

Motivates my son to be the best he can be.

We are really pleased with both of our sons progress, thank you for everything you do.

It isn’t just about figures – you take the time to learn the child and their abilities.

We love being part of the Ladygrove family and we know that X is loved and cared for at school as well as being educated to the highest standard.

We feel we are kept in the loop very well with both children as they grow and learn.

Teachers are always so supportive and think of the child as an individual.

Cannot fault anything. Thank you for all the support we have received in the last year.

Every teacher is enthusiastic, friendly and caring.

The school supports his well-being as well as his education. He has fun at school and therefore he learns well. He enjoys school.

On the whole we love the school and the staff and we appreciate all of the hard work.

All staff are amazing and approachable. All seem to care about the students.

Spring term 2024:

Spring Term Parent Survey 2024 RESULTS

As a result of this feedback, we have:

SPring Term

-Changed parent consultations next year so that parent/carers of SEND children will attend their provision map meeting during the week of parent consultations to combine the meetings.

-Staff will update class pages on the website during staff meeting time to ensure consistency.

-From September, staff will share knowledge organisers for further subjects on their class pages to allow parents to be updated on the range of subjects their children are learning.

-ELSA information will be updated regularly on the school website alongside the Early Help we offer as a school.

-A wider range of extra curricular clubs will be offered to children.

-The noticeboard outside reception will be used to advertise PTA events as well as them being update on the website.


Parent Voice – Spring term 2024:

Ladygrove is the best school. Teachers are very supportive and caring.

Love being involved in activities with them when we’ve been invited in as parents to get involved with the children’s learning.

Warm, welcoming environment.

You know the teacher cares about your child.

Everything is positive! Staff are always willing to help. X’s progress is testament to her security and comfort at school.

Enable children to learn at a pace suitable to the pupil.

School encourages students well, X seems very well supported and is flourishing here.

Teachers are lovely and always open for a chat.

School seems to be very well controlled and has a good curriculum.

Support families with issues that arise in personal lives, and how it impacts the family and pupil.

Picking up and acting quickly on SEN issues.

X enjoys her classes and feels supported in her learning.

Very welcoming, all staff are informative.

We love the Ladygrove family and will be very sad when we no longer have children here. It is a wonderful school that has helped our children reach their full potential. Thank you.

Everything! Both my children have enjoyed Ladygrove and I am sad that X will be leaving in a few months. Staff are kind and friendly. Thank you for all your help and support.

My daughter loves to come to school and always comes out of school telling me about her day and everything she has done. I feel she gets lots of encouragement and never has a bad thing to say. I always feel she is learning something new. Thank you.

You can tell teachers really care about the kids and they want to see them do well.

My children feel like they have a second family and adore their teachers. X has come on so well this last couple of months. So proud of him.

Both of our children love the school and we love hearing of the extra activities they do.


Pupil Voice 

Our summer behaviour survey has shown that:

-95% of our children think behaviour has improved across school.

-A fantastic 100% of our children feel safe at school and can talk about how we learn to keep safe.

-All of the children at Ladygrove know who they can talk to at school if thy are worried or someone does or says something unkind to them.