Our school uniform consists of:
• A white polo shirt/ shirt or blouse
• A royal blue jumper/ cardigan
• Black or grey trousers/ skirt or shorts
• White/ Black or grey socks or tights (children are not allowed to wear bright coloured socks or tights)
• Girls can also wear blue or yellow gingham dresses should the weather permit

Our Indoor PE uniform consists of:

• White T-shirt (preferably with school logo)
• Navy blue sport shorts (no ‘short shorts’)
• No footwear

Our Outdoor PE uniform consists of:

• White T-shirt (preferably with school logo)
• Navy blue sport shorts (no ‘short shorts’)
• Navy blue joggers (in colder months)
• School hoodie
• Trainers

Please note Branded sports clothing is unacceptable.
We would prefer that uniform with our school logo is worn. If purchasing uniform without logos, please ensure that they are the appropriate colour.
Our uniform is supplied by Bakers and Son Schoolwear,   Wellington. You can view a full range of our school uniform in their shop.


If your child has hair that is shoulder length or longer, for safety reasons we recommend that it is tied up. No ornate colourful hair accessories to be used. We do not permit children to have extreme haircuts/styles.


School does not permit the wearing of jewellery on Health and Safety grounds.  The exceptions to this rule are small ear-ring studs in pierced ears and small objects of religious /sentimental significance, such as a crucifix on a chain. We ask children remove these during PE lessons or cover them with a plaster.


We believe that is is dangerous for children to wear shoes with platform soles or high heels in school , so we do  not allow this . We require all children to wear sensible flat shoes which are smarter and practical and have suitable grips for playtimes.

Buying New Uniform

You can find out more about buying uniform on the uniform shop page of our Parents’ Area:
Uniform Shop

Acquiring Pre-loved Uniform

We understand that buying new uniform can be expensive. Our parents kindly donate any uniform that their children have grown out of or that is no longer needed. Once a term we hold a table top event, where uniform is placed outside for parents to choose items free of charge that they need. For any children requiring uniform  before this event takes place, please contact the school office A2168@taw.org.uk  This also supports a school pledge to be as eco-friendly as possible.